Map of the Ancient Site Alignments of Scilly - Ancient Penwith | Cornwall

West Penwith, Cornwall
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End peninsula
Ancient Penwith
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End Peninsula
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Map of the Ancient Site Alignments of Scilly

Map of the Ancient Site Alignments

of the Isles of Scilly

Map of all Scilly's known ancient sites and ancient site alignments.
This map uses the prehistoric sites on the ancient sites map of Scilly, adding all alignments that have been identified. For a list of alignments in Scilly, click here, and to read more about alignments in general, click here.
Click on any symbol or alignment for details about it. For the map key, click here.
To break out of this frame and enlarge the viewing area on your screen, click here.
Yellow alignments are backbone alignments from West Penwith and upcountry. Orange alignments come from the mainland too, though not quite as important. Violet alignments are Scilly alignments, and light blue ones are those in Scilly that are parallel or near-parallel to each other.
All alignments researched and map made by Palden Jenkins (resident in West Penwith).

  • All alignments on this map are accurate to within three metres. Modern satellite maps are now more accurate for this purpose than the preceding Ordnance Survey maps were.
  • Scilly has many cairns. Mostly, alignments pass through their centre, but sometimes they tangent the edge of a cairn. This pattern is common throughout Britain.
  • Care has been taken not to contrive alignments. To be marked on the map they must be accurate and also plausible in terms of types of site and wider geographical factors.
  • The map is reviewed and revised periodically. It was first created in 2015 and this second edition has been done in 2019.
  • To read more about ancient site alignments, click here.

Navigation tips:
  • To zoom into the map, use the wheel on your mouse or double-click on the map - where you place your cursor when you do it is where you'll zoom into. Otherwise, centre the map on the area you want by dragging the map, then use the +/- button in the bottom-right.
  • To get information and links about the ancient site you're looking at, click once on the site symbol.
  • To get rid of the map legend, click on the three dots to the right of the map title above-left and click 'collapse map legend'.

Acknowledgements. To Google Maps and their information and satellite photo suppliers for the maps. To Heritage Gateway, Pastscape, Cornwall Council Archaeology Dept, the Megalithic Portal, The Modern Antiquarian, John Michell, Craig Weatherhill, Meyn Mamvro, CASPN, Cheryl Straffon, Ray Cox and many other individual contributors for assistance and information included in the making of this map.
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