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West Penwith, Cornwall
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End peninsula
Ancient Penwith
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End Peninsula
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Useful links

Here is a list of useful and relevant links
Recommendations welcome (though link exchanges and marketing links not welcome).
Prehistoric Resource Websites

Resource site for ancient sites in Britain and worldwide
Resource site on the ancient sites of Britain
National Record of Historic Monuments
Cross-search heritage records from different agencies
Stone circles, dolmens, menhirs of megalithic Europe

World listings of astronomical sites, with resources
Professor of archaeoastronomy at Leicester university
Research project on archaeoastronomical sites in Ireland
Calendars and eclipse prediction
Interesting details in archaeoastronomy
Details about the archaeoastronomy of eclipses
West Penwith

Looking after ancient sites in West Cornwall (CASPN)
Local antiquarian magazine (archaeology and earth mysteries)
Protection of the main megalithic areas in West Penwith
Local dowsing group (lectures and field trips)
For a sustainable, living, working landscape in Penwith
Official version. An overview of Cornwall's history
A list of holy wells and springs
Organisation for Cornwall's archaeologists
An audio lecture by Jon Michell (YouTube)
A local archaeological group
A walking guide by Ian McNeil Cooke (PDF)
Interesting Articles

About the transition from the Bronze to the Iron Age
Robin Heath - full instructions
Classic book by Thom - main extracts (PDF)
Of general wider interest

The prehistory of the Orkney Isles
The ancient sites of megalithic Europe
About the Scillies, if you're thinking of visiting
Ancient sites in the North
An article on the website of David Furlong
Neolithic and Bronze Age migrations in Europe

Map of West Penwith, 1856
Showing all known archaeological finds in Penwith (zoom in)
Oxford Univ survey of British 'hillforts'
LIDAR impressions of terrain
A catalogue of available maps of Penwith

Astronomical program (open source, free)
Horizon is a GIS tool designed for archaeoastronomers  investigating alignments of prehistoric monuments with astronomical phenomena (e.g. rising and setting of the Sun, Moon and stars). Can be used with Stellarium.
A mobile app about the ancient sites of Cornwall (sample pics here)
Online Tools

Identify a place and get a grid ref and coordinates
Get a Google Map, any size, and take a screenshot of it
Online calculator - see right-hand column on page
Find the difference between Grid and Magnetic North
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