West Penwith Alignments Map - Ancient Penwith | Cornwall

West Penwith, Cornwall
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End peninsula
Ancient Penwith
Ancient Penwith
The prehistoric landscape of the Land's End Peninsula
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West Penwith Alignments Map

Map of the Ancient Site Alignments

of West Penwith

Map of all known ancient sites and alignments in West Penwith.
This map uses the prehistoric sites shown on the ancient sites map, adding all identified alignments that have been found by researchers such as John Michell, members of CASPN, Meyn Mamvro readers, and the compiler of the map, Palden Jenkins. The map is in ongoing development and revision.
For a list of alignments, click here. To read more about alignments, click here.
Click on any site or alignment for information about it.
To break out of this frame and enlarge the map, click here.
For tips on how best to navigate around the map, see below.
Navigation tips

  • To zoom into the map, use the wheel on your mouse or double-click on the map - where you place your cursor when you do it is where you'll zoom into. Otherwise, centre the map on the area you want by dragging the map, then use the +/- button in the bottom-right.
  • To get information and links about the ancient site you're looking at, click once on the site symbol.
  • To get rid of the map legend, click on the three dots to the right of the map title above-left and click 'collapse map legend'.

Acknowledgements. To Google Maps and their information and satellite photo suppliers for the maps. To Heritage Gateway, Pastscape, the Megalithic Portal, The Modern Antiquarian, John Michell, Craig Weatherhill, Meyn Mamvro, CASPN, Cheryl Straffon, Ray Cox and many other individual contributors for assistance and for information included in the making of this map.

Ancient Sites
Stone circles
Quoits (dolmens or cromlechs)
Menhirs (existing)
Menhirs (queried or removed)
Stone Rows
Stone Rows
Neolithic Tor Enclosures
Hill Forts
Hill Camps (hillforts)
Hill Enclosures
Cliff Castles
Cliff Sanctuaries (cliff castles)
Prominent Headlands

Carns (outcrops & tors)
Wells and Springs
Wells & Springs
Prehistoric Settlements
(bronze and iron ages)
Early Churches
Early & Medieval churches
Christian Crosses
Early & Medieval Crosses
Holed Stones
Placed Stones
Oriented Stones
Natural Rocks & Outcrops
Chambered Cairns
Cairns Barrows and Tumuli
Neolithic Long Barrows
Neolithic Long Barrows
Possible Sites

Backbone alignments
(based on number, location & nature of sites)

Alignments between Penwith, the Scillies and wider Cornwall

Main alignments in Penwith  (based on number, location & nature of sites)
Lesser alignments in Penwith

Alignments between Quoits

Scilly and Lamorna plateau alignments

Stone circle radial alignments (some of them astronomical)

National and international alignments

Orientations of
double menhirs
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